Should I use vs. Blogger?

What I usually tell people to ask themselves when making the decision, is where do you see your blog in the long term.

They’re both great platforms, and here’s a little bit of a breakdown of the differences.

WordPress will give you more options to expand your blog into more of a functioning website in the long run. You’ll have access to hundreds, wait, thousands of plugins that can give your blog advanced functionality that Blogger can’t offer. I personally like the backend more because it gives me control over every little aspect of my blog. But for some people, that’s a turn off.

Blogger is best at being simple, straightforward and a user-friendly blogging platform. If all you want to do is write posts then Blogger will suit your needs just perfectly.

In terms of the actual visual design, fonts, etc., both are wonderful!

When it comes to cost, Blogger is free, unless you choose to buy a custom domain, which will cost you about $10. requires you to purchase hosting. Which is about $5/month or less if you pay upfront.

Who do you recommend for blog hosting?

There are a bunch of different hosting companies out there, but I like Bluehost the best. They have incredible customer service and the backend is very user-friendly. If you need another suggestion, my second go to host is GoDaddy. The only time I would suggest GoDaddy over Bluehost is if your domain is sitting at GoDaddy already. That will keep you from needing to transfer your domain, which isn’t too hard, but it can be a pain. You’ll need the Linux based hosting plan (Bluehost doesn’t have different plans like this, so don’t worry about this if you’re using them) to get your hosting there so you don’t have to transfer your domain. If you’re looking at a different hosting company, make sure they’re hosting plans are compatible with WordPress before purchasing.

What’s the difference between and is the free version of with much fewer options when it comes to customization. The .com version does NOT support custom themes (which is what I create!) so I’m unable to create designs for also does not offer many different themes and there’s no access to any outside plugins either — no fun! is the self-hosted version that allows you to create the design you want and gives you access to all the amazing features WordPress has to offer.

I don’t know if I have or, how can I tell?

When you go to your login page, does it say at the top? Or just WordPress? If it says just ‘Wordpress’ above the login area, then you’ve got the .org version and are good to go!

Do you set up hosting and install WordPress for me?

No, this is not a service I offer with my blog design packages. I simply just don’t have the time to do this for you and it’s easier for you to set up since it requires you to enter all of your personal information. Bluehost.Bluehost and GoDaddy both have ‘one-click’ installs that create the proper databases automatically and all you have to do is fill out a few forms. If you’re having trouble with it, please speak with your host’s customer service.

I also ask that before placing an order, you’ve successfully logged into your WordPress installation to make sure all is running smoothly.

Can I change my own sidebar items?

Yes, when placing an order there’s no need to tell me which sidebar widgets you’d like. These are items you can add before or after your design installation. Anything that I’ve designed for the sidebar will cascade throughout each widget you add.