Client Selection

We’re not always able to take on every project that is submitted. We choose projects based on our abilities and time availability. Row15 reserves the right to decline a project if we feel it is not well-suited for our skills. Leap reserves the right to terminate a project if it becomes a burden and nonprofitable.


Row15 accepts payment for custom blog design through Paypal only. A non-refundable $500 deposit must be paid before the design process starts. Design must be paid in full before design is installed. Pre-made templates must be paid up front. Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds on partial or full payments, even if you decide to cancel. By paying you are agreeing to these design terms.

Ordering Your Design

The design process is a fun and creative one, but nevertheless, we are not mind-readers and our personal styles may vary. Before placing your order, you must have a clear idea of what design you are looking for. Giving details, color and font preferences, different examples of designs you like are very important to having the design process run smoothly. Additional fees will incur if your design preferences change drastically after the initial design preference submission. We understand, but can not be held responsible for any indecisiveness. So before diving in head first, please think thoroughly about your design preferences before placing an order.


You are placed on the design queue when your blog deposit has been received. Initial proofs are typically sent within 2 weeks. Design will be coded within 1-2 weeks after you have approved the final design. Start times vary depending on how busy we are. We’ll give you a rough estimate of a deadline, but again, it is an estimate.


Any revisions made after the final approval and website installation are subject to a fee. Any updates or revisions made after the initial design will be billed at an hourly rate of $75/hr.


All conversation between client and Row15 is done via email.

Proofs & Revisions

Your design is created based on your design preferences, so please be as specific as possible. After the initial proof is sent, you are allowed 3 rounds of reasonable revisions. Any more revisions after that are $50 for each additional revision.


To install your custom or pre-made design I’ll need access to your blog’s account. You can provide your login information by email or if you’re uncomfortable sending the information online, I can call you.

Post-Install Revision

Any post installation revisions are subject to a fee, unless it is a mistake on our part.


A Row15 Design credit will be placed in the footer of your blog. By placing and order and paying for a design you are agreeing to keep that on the blog as long as you are using the design.


Row15 is not liable for any photography, images, artwork and copy that is provided by the clients. If using someone else’s work, please make sure you get their permission first.


All designs are uniquely created & owned by Row15 Design and are protected under copyright laws.


Open M-F, closed weekends and holidays. We are a freelance design company and hours vary greatly. We typically don’t check emails or work over the weekends. If we’re out of town, it’ll be posted on the sidebar of our custom blog design page.